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The Rapide Project

British Iron
This is a friend's Vincent Rapide.  It has been his project since he last rode it decades ago, so I offered to build it with him.  To be clear, this is not a restoration; it is largely a mechanical rebuild with some minor paint and polish.  

The frame components have evidence of being stressed at some point.

Here is the UFM.  It had sustained damage  in its time.  This was later re-aligned.

Early on, I noticed the frame RC number had been filled with paint, given it will need to be registered again with the Motor Vehicle Department, I used the bead blaster to clear the paint off the steering yoke and repainted it so the number is very clear.  Right photo:  The missing transfer was replaced (shown) and later clearcoated.

During assembly a broken bolt serving the dynamo cover was found in the primary chain case.  It could not be removed using "EZ out" tools.  I was able to drill it out to the edge of the bolt threads and carefully lever them out saving the original thread in the case.  RFM: The front bolt for the chain guard was also found broken flush and was removed in the same fashion.   

The engine components are in remarkably good condition as the engine has not been subjected to botched repairs over time.  For all intents and purposes, this engine is about ten years old.  The fits in the cases are good.  The following is a photo from my friend's shop building where the Rapide is being built.
Here is the progress as of January 4, 2024.

Here it is as of February 29,

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