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Field Day 2023 was in the backyard.  We are on ten acres, so there is a lot of it.  The AB-577 tubular tower served the purpose supporting a M-Squared 2M12 for 2 meters and a M-Squared 6M5X for 6 meters.  A pulley was attacthed to the top of the tower to allow an HF dipole sloper to be raised and lowered.

This is the "Launcher" for the AB-577 tower.  It has a cable lift system that is used to raise each attached tower tube.  This tower can be hauled in a short bed pickup and can be raised and lowered by one person.   It is staked into the ground and guyed off plumb.

Here is the tower during use on Field Day.  Using a rope/pulley to hoist a 40 meter sloping dipole up.  20 meters became very active, so I quickly made up a 20-meter dipole and ran it up the rope.  Changing the locations of the bottom of the dipoles afforded multi-directional radiation.  Both slopers worked very well.   
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